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piercer master's hand in a medical black glove holds earrings. Around instrument for pierc



Created and taught by Genial Hall and Ally Mariano

Along with Miranda Wilcox

Genial is a registered nurse with a Bachelors degree in Nursing Science and has been in the piercing industry for over 7 years.

Ally is a certified Phlebotomist and has been piercing for over 4 years. She received most of her training in Boise Idaho.

Miranda is a Licensed Anesthesia Technician and has been Piercing in our studio for 3 years.

Together we have created a program that will not only get you 100% certifiable with the Southwest Utah Public Health Department, but graduate with the skills and knowledge to be a safe and successful Body Artist/Piercer. 










During your dedication in this program, you will receive 470 hours of extensive in studio training. Along with 50 hours of in classroom discussion and education on safety, jewelry, aftercare, and body anatomy.

You will successfully complete the CPR/First aid and Blood Born Pathogens test along with the hours that are required by the Southwest Utah Public Health Department to become certified as a body piercer. 


In the Studio: You will receive visual and hands-on instructions for safe and accurate body piercing. Proper aseptic and clean technique and how to process instruments. Manage paperwork that is required for clients and develop good customer service. You will learn how to set up a piercing tray and stay sterile throughout the procedure. You will gain knowledge in the proper technique for piercing each pierceable part of the body. You will learn how to safely and correctly transfer jewelry after the needle. Then proper clean up and disposal of sharps and used supplies. 

Hands-on Piercing that includes: Every part of the ear, Nose, Eyebrow, Lips, Navel and Nipples

In the Classroom: Here you will learn many important rules and regulations required for certification. These are guidelines and rules from OSHA, the FDA and The Southwest Utah Public Health Department.
We will also be working through our instructional manual that you will receive on the first of class. This goes into detail on each piercing, proper size, technique, instruments needed. Along with aftercare and troubleshooting guidance. 
The in classroom discussion will also be a hands-on with silicone body parts to practice the techniques and skills to pierce safely and professionally.


All of these skills will help you give your client a positive and comfortable experience in a safe and clean environment that is compliant with the health department.  

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Educational Course

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