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Full Program

Jun 5, 2024 - Aug 28, 2024

  • 85Days


100% CERTIFIABLE UPON COMPLETION! This is the full 3 month program that is required by the Southwest Utah Public Health Department to become fully certified. This class will be 470 hours of in-studio hands-on training. 50 hours of in the classroom instructions. You will graduate with the completion of your CPR/First-aid, Bloodborne Pathogens certificate and the hours required for a Piercing Certification. You will be guided and taught by our professional piercers the entire time you are in the studio and in the classroom. *What comes included in your tuition 470 hours of hands-on in studio instruction 50 hours of in the classroom discussion Text Book/Workbook  Your own set of Instruments Silicon body parts Needles Jewelry for each piercing (15+ pieces) CPR/first aid Certificate Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate 1st Month: Observation, Sterile Technique, Client Paperwork and Aftercare 2nd Month: Piercing: Lobes, Helix, Forward Helix, Conch, Tragus, Rook, Daith, Industrial 3rd Month: Piercing: Nose, Eyebrow, Lips, Navel, Nipples, Surface Piercing (Dermal) Prepare for Testing with the Heath Department Get Certified



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